AEV® Traumahawk Telematics™

Integrated Vehicle Intelligence

American Emergency Vehicles® (AEV) now offers Traumahawk Telematics as standard equipment on many of its Type I, Type III and Medium-Duty ambulances.  Traumahawk Telematics provides integrated vehicle intelligence solutions to more efficiently manage your fleet and keep your crew and patients safer with the following features:

Bullet Real-time driver safety coaching with voice alerts​
BulletGPS location services​
BulletAccelerometer & turning data
BulletVehicle accessory information (ie: lights on)
BulletMaintenance alerts
Battery monitoring​s
BulletFuel use monitoring
BulletAmbulance Status​
BulletOBD2 Codes​
BulletCollision alerts​
BulletData collected, preserved, and stored even in cellular dead zones
BulletOne year free subscription to ACETECH™ iNSight cloud-based software

Traumahawk Telematics is powered by ACETECH.

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